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you might have read about Gurgaon guru ji on my blog .(www.gurujiofgurgaon.com) I am sharing about a new guru ji  (www.gurujimaharaj.com) whose temple is in Chatarpur new Delhi known as Bade Mandir if you ask any Auto wala in New Delhi from Qutubminar metro station or Chatarpur metro station you can ask autowala to take to Bade Mandir, they all know it as Bade mandir or Guru ji place . Or else 516 number bus goes to Radha Swami Satsang hall main gate from there guru ji ashram is at approx 2 km walking distance.

The temple in Empire State is known as Chota Mandir, there are temple at his birth place Dungri.

What ever I have read about Guru ji of Chatarpur new Delhi I want to mention summary guru ji never used to sleep at nights and used to take out bad karma of people who were connected to him. Guru ji feet were never on ground always by his spiritual power they were above ground. He used to do penance for his sangat. Any malefic planetary combination or other situation of life which otherwise did not had any known scientific solution both the guru’s mentioned were(are) fully capable of curing and providing solution. They never took any money from any one and blessed people. Both are not present in physical form but you may reach their sthans to get blessings.

You can read about more experiences about how people suffering from cancer or other life ailments who were not having life or were given hope by doctors were cured by blessings of guru ji.

Taking copper tumbler (ताम्बे का लोटा) people used to get that blessed and drink water from it,

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Om namah shivay shiv ji sada sahay, om namah shivay guru ji sada sahay.