Hanuman ji aliganj (new temple)

You may see Aliganj Hanuman ji temple near neera nursing home kapoorthala, this is a very famous Hanuman ji temple. Any one who is spiritually inclined must visit this place of Hanuman ji.  There is a story associated with Aliganj (new temple) ,Lucknow .

as per a story which is famous here it is that in those old days When lord Ram was on earth in human form Gomti river used to flow from this place. Sita ji was exhiled from kingdom of Ayodhya Laxman ji and hanuman ji were accompanying Sita ji to Bithur ashram of sage valmiki while moving out of boundaries of Ayodhya they had rested at this place. Laxman ji had requested to Sita ji to visit next stoppage which was police station of Ayodhya kingdom in the outer areas. However Sitaji was exhiled and she was not willing to go in boundaries of Ayodhya kingdom. Hence Laxman ji went on further but Sita ji had stayed at this place. Lord Hanuman guarded the place. Next day the went to Kanpur Bithur ashram of sage valmiki. Later on a temple was constructed at this place. This temple existed for centuries. The near by area came to be known as Hanuman bari . Later on in 14th century with invasion of Bakhtiyar Khilji name of this place was changed to Islambari.

During 1792-1802 wife of the then nawab of lucknow (awadh province in those days) Rabiya Begum did not had child for many years. Later on Rabiya begum had tried all sort of traditional medicines, prayers , duas etc prevalent in those days how ever nothing worked. One day some one suggested her to go to Islambari and make a dua (supplication) for herself so Rabiya begum went and made supplication then one night she had a dream where her unborn child told her in dream that in that area Islambari, an idol of Hanuman ji is underground some where. If she can dig the ground and manage to excavate ground and get the idol she should establish Hanuman ji temple at that place. Rabiya begum as being guided in dream excavated the ground at that place and found the idol she brought the idol up cleaned it and it was decorated.Servants of Nawab seated the idol on an elephant and they were moving from this place to some location where they can establish the temple of Hanuman ji . It is said that while moving from this place in Aliganj the elephant could not walk further . The idol with all the decoration and frame was kept on ground the elephant stood up but when the idol was again kept on elephants back the elephant could not walk again.Later on a sadhu (sage) of islam bari said to queen that probably Hanuman ji does not want to go further because that area (adjacent to river Gomti. ) is of Laxman ji . Geographic location of Gomti river in those days was near this place but later on the course of flow had changed this is as per the stories prevalent in area. Hence the Rabia begum (queen of nawab Mohammad Ali Shah got a temple constructed at current place and appointed the sadhu an official priest at expense of Nawab of Awadh. For the construction of Hanuman temple land was given from Mahmoodabad state near by for free and that sadhu who had suggested hanuman ji does not want to move further was appointed priest there.

There are some other stories also famous at this place shall update them here.

The idol is an old one and it is said that Hanuman ji had given dream to someone in those days and this idol was extracted from ground. Later on as per Hanuman ji wish this idol was being carried on an elephant and the elephant stopped at this place where the current idol as shown in image is present. That is how this current idol got established at its place.

Another story is there about this temple which says once grandmother of Nawab Wajid Ali shah  became sick. Name of grandmother Aliya begum.She became sick and she had made a supplication she became allright from that time here a fair is conducted in hindu lunar calendar of Jyestha. This month usually falls in June-July.

Also another story is famous that once plague had spread in this area and people became alright when the came to shelter of hanuman ji and then a local fair has been conducted since then every year.

How to reach: Visit Charbagh Railway Station Lucknow from there bus number 33C goes to Kapoorthala. Get down at Kapoorthala and from there it is at walking distance. It is an age old  place of worship. pic1

You may copy the image and redistribute it to your friends relatives any one who is willing to worship Hanuman ji. Here is a link to Google maps to make you clearly understand location
1) https://goo.gl/maps/CC9Jx4MGxn92

2) https://www.google.co.in/maps/dir/Charbagh+Railway+Station+Bus+Stop,+National+Highway+25,+Cash+and+Pay+Colony,+Charbagh,+Lucknow,+Uttar+Pradesh/New+Hanuman+Mandir,+C-8,+Shivani+Plaza,+Near+ITI+Chauraha,+Aliganj,+Mahanagar+Extension,+Shadab+Colony,+Mahanagar,+Lucknow,+Uttar+Pradesh+226024/@26.8581072,80.9065472,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x399bfc4c900d1197:0x88d53e1e9f3df700!2m2!1d80.927031!2d26.8327065!1m5!1m1!1s0x399957d6195e25bb:0xa9b147a1af2a7a5f!2m2!1d80.94947!2d26.88342

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