नीम करौली बाबा

मैं अब भी कैंची में ही रहता हूँ।

भोवाली से आने वाली एक मां हर मंगलवार को कैंची (कैंची धाम, नैनीताल) आती नीम करोली बाबा के लिए कचोरियाँ ले कर, जब तक बाबा वहां थे। कचोरियाँ साधारण और प्यार से बनायीं गयी होती थी। बाबा उन्हें स्वाद ले कर खाते थे और उन महिला को कचौरी माई कह कर बुलाते थे।
सितंबर 1973 में यह सोचकर कि बाबा अब जीवित नहीं हैं, उन्होंने अपने इस दस्तूर को बंद कर दिया। ऐसा होने पर भी, फरवरी 1976 में उन्होंने एक सपना देखा जिसमें वो वह खाली थाली ले कर खड़ी थी जिसमे वो बाबा को अपनी कचोरियाँ अर्पित करती थी। बाबा ने खाली थाली उनसे ले ली और कहा, “तुम कचोरी लेकर नहीं आयी। तुम सोचती हो मैं जीवित नहीं हूँ। मैं अब भी कैंची में ही रहता हूँ। तुम्हें कचोरियाँ लेकर जरूर आना चाहिए।” वह महिला तुरंत नींद से जाग उठी और उन्होंने अगले मंगलवार से ही बाबा के लिए कचोरियाँ कैंची लेकर जाने वाले अपने पहले वाले नियम को जारी रखने का फैसला किया।
उस दिन मंगलवार को पहाड़ों पर हर तरफ बर्फ गिर रही थी। अपने साथ कचोरियाँ लेकर वो कैंची पहुंची, जहां आश्रम के सभी कमरों के दरवाजे बंद थे और केवल मंदिर खुले थे। उन्होंने देखा कि आश्रम की पूर्वोत्तर दिशा में स्थित बाबा की कुटी का दरवाजा कुछ कुछ खुला था। उन्होंने अपने हाथ उसे धकेल कर थोड़ा और खोला और एक पैर देहरी से अंदर और दूसरा पैर बाहर रखे हुए ही, बाबा के बैठने के तख्त पर सरसरी नजर मात्र डाली। 
वो स्तब्ध रह गई जब उन्होंने बाबा को अपने मानवीय शरीर में वहाँ बैठे देखा। बाबा के दोनों हाथ तख्त पर थे और उनके दोनों पैर जमीन पर थे मानो वो किसीका इंतजार कर रहे थे। वो तुरंत बहार निकल कर अपने घर कि तरफ वापस दौड़ पड़ी, और लगभग तीन महीने तक मानसिक तौर पर अशांत रहीं। 
बाद में श्रीमाँ  ने उन्हें फिर से कचोरियाँ लाने के उनके नियम को शुरू करने के लिए मनाया। इस तरह से वो अचानक घटी इस घटना के सदमे से बाहर आयी और फिर से बाबा को कचोरियाँ अर्पित करने लगी।
[- from Ravi Prakash Pande (Rajida), ed., “The Divine Reality,” 2nd ed. (2005), pp. 311-313. Hindi Translation by Tribhuvan Prakash]
One of the mothers from Bhowali used to come to Kainchi every Tuesday when Baba was there to offer him kachauris [stuffed deep-fried bread]. The kachauris were simple and made with love. Baba ate them with relish and called the woman Kachauri Mai.
In September 1973, thinking that Baba was no longer alive, she discontinued her routine. However, in February 1976 she had a dream in which she was standing with the empty plate on which she used to offer her kachauris to Baba. Baba took the empty plate from her and said, “YOU HAVE NOT BROUGHT KACHAURIS. YOU THINK I AM NOT ALIVE. I STILL LIVE AT KAINCHI. YOU MUST BRING KACHAURIS.” The woman woke up and decided to continue her previous routine again starting the next Tuesday.
On that Tuesday it was snowing all over the hills. Taking the kachauris with her, she reached Kainchi, where all the rooms of the ashram were locked and only the temples were open. She saw that the door on the northeast side of Baba’s kuti was ajar. She pushed it open further with her hand, and with one foot inside the doorsill and the other outside, she just glanced over at Baba’s takhat. She was wonderstruck when she saw Baba sitting on it in human form. Both his hands were placed on the takhat, and his feet rested on the floor as if he were waiting for someone. She ran out, all the way back home, and remained in an unbalanced state of mind for about three months. Finally Sri Ma persuaded her to start her routine again. She recovered from her shock and once again began offering kachauris.
[- from Ravi Prakash Pande (Rajida), ed., “The Divine Reality,” 2nd ed. (2005), pp. 311-313. As

 shared by Joby Bishop.]



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Pandokhar sarkar 

watch this video pandokhar sarkar baba in madhya pradesh datiya hanuman bhakt is able to know problem of people without even asking them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVPdWQ38eWM

he is able to demonstrate his siddhi in front of people and give solutions to them

datiya district bhander tahseel

gives mantra to people

hanuman ji devotee and miracle performing person



3)पंडोखर सरकार https://youtu.be/CFIfBRmD4zU

4) https://youtu.be/CFIfBRmD4zU

Video links Transcripts of satsangs chatarpur guru ji 1

Narang uncle (describing what guru ji wanted to give)

Guru ji said he is shiv narrator told in video , line will be at this place for getting darshan of shiv that is what guru ji said, guru ji sent him to bangle sahib as devotee had doubt in mind about visiting guru ji place instead of going to a gurudwara

14:16 guru ji said you were 6 years and went to that hospital I was there with you also mentioned at 18 years you were admitted for same problem

16:00 narrator suffered heart problem in kerala how guru ji helped him is in story

18:13 doctor who was treating this family was bhaagat of amrita anand mai ma in south India  but when doctor was going in train he returned from mid of journey because he heard some voice which was of Amma and instructed him to go back to cure his patient, this 19:17 that was guru ji blessing on patient

20:32 the guru ji appeard in front of every one after many years of his Samadhi  as the patient thought after stent insertion he at guru ji temple in delhi wont be able to bend in front of guru ji


JETHRA UNCLE  , his 24 years son suffering from cancer was cured by Guru ji blessings.


guru ji said dafa ho ja the person lost job in MNC but later on all the bosses were in a scandal


rarest video of guru ji with his voice


guru ji voice at Chandigarh


guru ji voice this below video is full


guru ji childhood friend 7:50 showed that he is shiv to his friend


story of baba neem karoli devotee narayan swami


guru ji sangat Houston ek onkar


mantra jap om namah shivay


kapoor uncle tells 3,4 prime ministers (manmohan singh included) in guru ji sangat, all army generals ,professors doctors in guru ji sangat ,






Guruji satsang by shiv uncles aunty ji


guru ji went to a devotees house because her mother could not reach his place 4:00, 6:22 guru jis parents photo it appears


lady saw in dream narsingh awtar some medical tablets , lady said some thing in dream about langar and satsang lizard in dream for malefic karm cutting , bure karm ikattha kar rakhe hai logo ne , koi aur sambhalne nahi aayega


Guruji – Amritvela Satsang – Sep 16 – Vijay Uncle, 8:00 refused security from kps gill


story kani mother


3 hours Guruji’s satsang 29th Sep-17 by Ritu Aunty


in dream  girl saw many gods and goddesses many other dreams SATSANG BY VOHRA AUNTY | JAI GURUJI





sai baba ko apna beta bataya 24:00 , dead souls ko jagane se mana kiya shradh wagairah


SATSANG BY Sugandha Gupta | JAI GURUJI  shiv ji moorti changed colors at 12:00 girl saw in dream guru ji sitting on his gaddi in empire state after guru ji Samadhi and girl asked question as if he was live , girl got selected in planning commission 26:38 , khush rahna hai to dan karo nyay pana hai to bhagwan ko yad kari guru ji said in dream to girl



2:40 friend was forcing to go to guru ji , when time comes only then person could go 24:15 all type of people come here in sangat some consider guru ji as ordinary mortal , some as saint some as god as per faith and belief person gets his result 36:55 guru ji doing kalyan after Samadhi


SATSANG BY ANITA AUNTY | JAI GURUJI   ,England se India ayi aunty , entire satsang in English  how she got cured of her problems


SATSANG BY Bilayati Ram | JAI GURUJI person told he used to go to tantric ojha etc        girl saw about fathers accident in dream 22:00 dead body brought

23:48 knee hip shoulder operation should not be done


SATSANG BY AUNTY | JAI GURUJI how she managed job etc 10:04 black magic related problem 23:00

26:20 sheshnag darshan 30:20 dream about guru ji darbar 32:00 girl saw dead body in dream guru ji told this was planned by relatives this holi  (black magic etc )for the girl 37:40 negative and black magic things warded off yamraj came as per devotee said 39:11 person was at death bed 39:29 the person who was doing black magic their son got expired 40:40 person told she used to visit bade mandir and come back home then she felt fever that was due to effect of some black magic 41:20 aunty saw she was to be paralyzed but how guru ji removed just be one small fall form stairs, cut hand etc 43:00 head chimta sound




SATSANG BY Mathur Aunty | JAI GURUJI  inke father ka cancer  thik kar diya


SATSANG BY Dr. ANIL AGARWAL | JAI GURUJI    kidney stone cured guru ji does not needs to tell about himself to some one else his experience is not being shared do any kind of propaganda it is a message for you (the person listening)  , (video link is at the end of transcripts)

4:50 (said the narrator is joint secy of all doctors in delhi)   doctors wife wanted to gave birth without cesarian 6:40  ,

7:25 narrator said he is very spiritual and has never seen things like this before however guru ji had said

8:07 you people (doctors) should suffer because you cut stomach of people (in cesarian operations) so you should suffer but then guru ji devotees asked that we are your devotees and we do our work honestly please bless us later on guru ji blessed ,

senior additional secy Mr sehgal experience 11:00

directed to go to satsang and wrote on a marriage invitation chief secy the person later became chief secy 12:02 promoted person became delhi chief secy ,

14:45 Mr mannan APS to Atal Bihari Vajpayee his experience of removal of survical coller from neck, 14:29 guru ji said to person thank that you have reached here and your problems will be solved now

14:54 guru ji wanted to go to a doctor to get cured for some unknown disease person took his guru ji at army hospital RR hospital ,:15:30 narrator spoke guru ji shoes never had any dust on his feet always walked above ground by his powers the colonel (doctor in army hospital) who was at duty asked who is the patient 16:20 when guru ji removed his shirt for ultrasound the room of doctor at army hospital was full of fragrance

16:32 amrit coming out of guru jis nabhi guru ji asked it to be be put on forehead

17:00 narrator said you all can feel the same amrit what dr anil agarwal felt no money is needed guru’s kripa is enough  by this time 17:17 doctor has realized that the persons (guruji) whose ultrasound  doctor was doing is no normal man 17:24 doctor said that organs of guru ji are like that of a 14-15 year child 17:35 doctor had now understood the person (guruji) whose ultrasound doctor was doing was no normal man

17:55 guru said I have not come to get cured from you doctor I had come to do your CT scan you. You  have been fighting with your wife your children don’t listen to you I thought I should come to and bless you,

18:15 now doctor anil aggarwal realized why guru ji came for getting an ultrasound done

now guru ji after performing this miracle above of blessing the doctor at army hospital (RR hospital delhi) said Dr Anil Aggarwal let us go for a blood sugar test also

18:40 guru ji asked lab technician to take the report out but lab technician was not able to find out any thing 19:20 lab technician thought he did a mistake in taking blood sample out so lab technician asked guru ji to do another test guru ji allowed so .

19:45 the honest technician could not understand what is going wrong in his tests technician said 20:25  he is the best lab technician at the place without even touching 1 Re he has been an honest person for his life and said I take a guarantee if I can not perform this test than no one else can do ,

20:18 guru ji said to lab technician I know you are an honest man for life you have been honest and that is why I have come to bless you here , guru ji asked the person to come to his ashram with his car , but technician said he travels by  a cycle so how come he will come to his ashram on car but guru ji said I have blessed you and now you will see,  22:02 guru ji asked the person to be honest in his life and not be corrupt that way he will keep getting blessings of guru ji the lab technicians son became engineer and doctor later on whom he did not expected

22:45 a diamond merchant came to guru ji with a lot of diamonds thinking that guru ji will take what happens next the diamond merchant was arrogant that he was a very big merchant at that time bade mandir ashram was not built only land was taken a lot of construction was required , the diamond merchant had a lot of “I”  (ego) in himself that he will donate a lot of diamonds , the merchant thought guru ji was not aware of what is going in diamond merchants mind but guru ji had control on every thing ,including thoughts of other person ,guru ji had changed mind ,thoughts and thinking etc of many people guru ji asked dr anil aggarwal to let the merchant see the ashram and where ever money is required let the diamond merchant donate when the diamond merchant went out to see where he can throw his money in guru ji ashram the people who were at that time the patel sahib who had come from surat he was not able to see any thing ( 23:48 error in contruction of ashram) some other kind of miracle here had happened because the diamond trader could not see any thing where money was required but he probably was telling the future version of mandir as how it might look in future guru ji asked dr anil aggarwal who was accompanying the merchant to let the trader have langar , guru ji asked patel sahib where did you find a mistake in ashram where money is require 24:10 the merchant replied guru ji here nothing is required there are no errors, merchant has never seen a beautiful ashram like this but there was no construction of ashram at that time which the trader had described, now guru ji asked that since I don’t keep money and this ashram does not require money so you can take your money back , other devotees thought why guru ji did not took money because at that time a lot of money was required for ashrams construction but guru ji had not taken any thing,

24:53 guru said “this place is going to become a teerth of future so even though this ashram needs money today but any wrong persons contribution in any form be it  money  or manual  labour will not be used here because in future this place is going to be blessed “   all the devotees sitting there had tears in their eyes after listening to this


SATSANG BY NITTA AUNTY | JAI GURUJI Satsangs in London, New Castle , Manchester ,

Doctor gave anti sickness medicines lady had cancer her father had cancer who was given 5 years life

5:17 karam sudharo guru ji said


SATSANG BY Raghubir Singh | JAI GURUJI person was with guru ji 15 years , shiv moorti in external campus establish story  moorti color changed to pink , guru ji said he had put his noor in murti


guru ji live in a satsang


guru ji live . special note at the end of video that it was not recorded by the uploader


Guruji Satsang Shared By Gilani Uncle | JAI GURUJI | HD

25:00 person said to guru ji about medicines guru ji said please leave every thing on me ,

27:00 how guru ji appeared and shouted at the person in anger when he disbelieved about what guru ji said to him

28:00 satsang about how the person is moving in front of a pillar 12 kadam , after those 12 kadam there was death awaiting for the person satguru in white chola was standing to take the person narrator told how he was supposed to face death and how satguru averted death of narrator

30:00 person remembered satugur  1 march and asked for getting a satsang done message dungri aa (come to dungri)

33:06 IIT Delhi professor RK Aroda experience

38:24 devotee asked guru ji to explain him of the vision of 12 kadam towards pillar guru ji told narrators life has finished but guru ji had made a female soul enter in body of person telling the experience that is how life got extended,

43:00 guru ji asks give me 7 things that you earned, anger , ego , ninda, nafrat, consider other as small, 47:30 mantra jap 7 times 50:00 this satsang has come in news papers Hindustan times and times of india also. 53:00 ahankar liya to ped bana diya, krodh le liya to shant kar diya ,


To read more about guru ji visit his website www.gurujimaharaj.com