ऐस्‍ट्रो अंकल: जब अतिभावुकता ध्‍यान भटका दे तो…: AAJ TAK: Astro Uncle

Disturbance of moon can cause emotional problems, which can wreak havoc in life this episode covers that.Do not wear pearl just because moon is disturbed.

ऐस्‍ट्रो अंकल: जब अतिभावुकता ध्‍यान भटका दे तो…: AAJ TAK: Astro Uncle.

Write letters to Hanuman,चिट्ठी लिखिए आपकी फरियाद सुनेंगे बजरंगबली: AAJ TAK: Dharma

There is a temple built by Mystic Saint of North India of Lord Hanuman, also known as Governer General
(the name Governer General to Hanuman in this temple was given by the sage who built this temple)


चिट्ठी लिखिए आपकी फरियाद सुनेंगे बजरंगबली: AAJ TAK: Dharma.

Inside letter you can write at the top to put it to Hanauman Ji’s feet.The priest will do the needful.
People write letters to Lord Hanuman,
in case you want to write letter the address is

Hanuman Setu Temple
University Road
State Uttar Pradesh
Country India
PIN Code 226006

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Believe in Karma and God

One of my friend is worried about job.He did B.Tech from a tier 3 college.
He did not scored well in CAT exam,some how managed to finish his   MBA from a tier 2 college.He expected to get a good job.But unfortunately the year he passed out there was no campus recruitment at college due to various reasons.People who were involved in placement process were outdated people.

Deletion of CVs by student placement coordinators, recommendation of favorite students
by faculty to companies visiting on campus are regular features of a B
School.(In case you are not aware be informed now) The students who were friend of student placement co-ordinators used to get good jobs.A lot of politics happen in B School placements there was nothing new which happened with my friend.I am mentioning all this here because those of you think that after clearing CAT exam or taking admission your battle has ended you are wrong.

These days that friend is living some where in isolation/dejected and failed in all aspects of life.
I analysed his horoscope,I did find a few malefic yog but I realized that telling these things to him proved to be more harmful because till now he never realized that he was failing.

Now once he comes to know of these yogs I am seeing this person he stopped preparing for competition,
he is into chanting mantra,doing remedies as told by astrologers.He is doing every thing else but not studying.His father is a heart patient.
Looking at such emotional and mental disturbance of friend I advised him to wear a green emerald.
Which he can not afford.

I asked him to practice mooladhar bandh and kapalbhati pranayam, because yog and pranayam helps one to come out of malefic effects of planetary combinations.( I have mentioned in an earlier post).
Unfortunately my friend has gone on wrong track.

I asked him not to do any more remedies and not to follow astrologers as it will create the situation only worse and do kriya yog.He did not listened,
what he replied is

“not to give lecture and he says when a persons time is bad every one gives lecture.”

I just want to say vinash kale vipareet buddhi i.e. when time is bad mind goes wrong, you automatically take wrong decisions.That is the reason yogis ask people to meditate and do kriya yog.

I decided to write this post after seeing a lot of comments on my blog about jobs (which I do not approve) , astrology is science not a superstition. You need to do the karma and believe in God,
even if your problems have not been solved by God.Any malefic combination in ones horoscope can not deny you results of your karma,obstacles do come but you have to overcome them.

If you do not do karma and just keep doing remedies you will still fail the exams,interviews,
what ever thing you do in life.Confidence comes from full fledged preparation and hardwork,
if you have put in your honest efforts you surely will gain the confidence otherwise you will blame
parents,neighbours, stars,God every one else except yourself.

Please do not be lead by superstition karma is equally important.Do the hardwork and ask God to help,
almighty willing any malefic effect in your horoscope will not be able to harm you.
Just trust in God, your faith will be tested if you pass the test you will be rewarded he is listening to every one.

Various stones and their benefits.

Out of these Gomed is worst stone.
One should never wear a stone of Rahu/Ketu without thorough investigation, I have seen people suffering a lot in their life due to Gomed and diamond. Do donations to poor people specially of cooked food on the name of your ancestors/pitra if you suffer from Rahu or Kal Sarp kind of problems, offer the merits of recitation of Gita or Bhagwat Puran (both are different things) to your ancestors, the boon from your ancestors liberation will rise your status and bring other benefits to you in your life.
Shani ki  chal badli (Shani changes its rashi)